Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comments on Citations made by Mr.Abhijeet Singh

1.Amendments made to Arms and Ammo Policy recently have nothing new and promising to the law abiding citizens of India. I agree the citations made from your kind self are clearly indicating the Government's nature of bending the Rules & Laws, where they can be unfeasible to common citizens.

2.Yes!Right to Keep & Bear Arms for citizens has been enshrined. Reforms should be made in Arms Act. Question arises "ARE YOU SAFE?" because no one is safe 21st century.

3.Awareness regarding the Arms and how to use arms in times of terror attacks or the privilege to protect himself(the citizen), should be provide by the government.

4.Government should make take steps to train citizens how to neutralize anti-elements of the state at the time of crisis instead of telling citizens wait for Police or NSG to come.

5.I disagree with above 2nd comment made by Mr.Hushang Irani. Here Licensing Authority is harassing the citizens for getting the Arms License. Restricting citizens from the very fundamental Right to freedom Article 21 in constitution of India "Protection of life and personal liberty.—No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law". Licensing Authority is restricting this Right only to make it available for VIP & VVIPS only .I hope this the answer for your query "Critical Task".

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